The Size Changes on a Male and Female Bearded Dragons

As time passes by, bearded dragons grow more in size. The increase in size is a determinant that we are able to raise our bearded dragons properly. Taking into account all the needed requirements in raising them like tank, temperature, food, vitamins and etc. To have a clearer picture of the changes in sizes, below is a chart showing various changes in the size of a female and a male bearded dragon.

Male Bearded Dragon Growth Chart

 Age (Weeks)  Average (in.)
 6 weeks      6.3
 7 weeks      6.925
 8 weeks      7.4
 9 weeks      8.15 
 10 weeks      9.15
 11 weeks      10.1
12 weeks      11.025
13 weeks      12
14 weeks        12.775
15 weeks      13.625
16 weeks      14.175
17 weeks      14.725
18 weeks      15.225
19 weeks      15.575
20 weeks       15.8
6 months 16.775

Female Bearded Dragon Growth Chart

 Age (Weeks)     Average (in.)
6 weeks      6.25
 7 weeks      7
 8 weeks      7.825
 9 weeks      8.85
 10 weeks      9.67
 11 weeks      10.5
12 weeks      11.3
13 weeks      11.92
14 weeks        12.525
15 weeks      13.15
16 weeks      13.725
17 weeks      14.525
18 weeks      14.925
19 weeks      15.25
20 weeks      15.45
6 months 15.825

The details above are the average sizes your bearded dragon will have as it ages. These sizes are normal and ideal on that particular weeks or months. To get the ideal size for your bearded dragon, give all the necessary things they need. Provide them a true companionship, considering as part of the family member. Be mindful of the sizes, decrease and increase in sizes has indications. Measure your bearded dragon every week and list it down for you not to forget. Take note of any changes.

If suspicions are there that the size of the bearded dragon is rapidly increasing or decreasing, then the best thing to do is to have a trip to the Veterinary clinic to have a better understanding and diagnosis of the problem. Your vet knows what to do and he/she will give you advices.

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