The Red Blood Bearded Dragon

The red blood bearded dragon is a type of bearded dragon with an intense red coloration. This type of bearded dragon becomes attractive due to the color boasting out with intensity. Red blood bearded dragons are one of the most expensive morphs in the market today.

These dragons are found on desserts and usually love to live on stones. The same with white bearded dragons, red blooded bearded dragons contains red gene cross matched with any regular bearded dragon gene. The final result is a red blooded appearance of a beardie, why is this so?

The red blood gene is a very dominant gene that is why, red is the majority color of the red blooded bearded dragon.

Talking about the characteristics of a red blooded bearded dragon, it has red nails and the eyes appear to be reddish in color. They are very attractive and if you will mix them with other bearded dragon they can be clearly distinguishable.

Red blooded bearded dragons are beautiful to look. Thanks to the one who discovered in which some believe the person was from Egypt. This bearded dragon type is compatible with any other type of bearded dragon. Female red blooded bearded dragons easily adapts to any environment they are in.

They are very friendly and amiable in nature that it prefers to be in humans rather than socializing with other animals.

It is such a blessing to have a red blood bearded dragon. This is a treasure that we need to maintain so that generations will gladly see the real beauty of a red blood bearded dragon.

Types Of Bearded Dragons

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